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ation, so as not to exceed the healthy physiological

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of nearly all the States to protect citizens from the im-

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talline lens in about a quarter of a minute, by coag-

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dition of this parasite is also a temporary one ; that it is the

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erator, thus preventing tlie fenestrated portion of tlie

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subperiosteal, but he would vary its details according

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one. Personally, I am inclined to believe that a slight

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plasters to the epigastrium may be tried when nausea, vomiting, and epi-

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tion for some months, and had been using a catheter, be-

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there is no time for experimentation with other remedies. Conse-

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other measures appropriate for the management of unstable angina pectoris. Since coronary

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Nelaton's line. While held in this position, rotation, abduction, adduc-

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had originated in Germany, and had been strongly upheld at the

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is most moisture in the atmosphere. In this physical fact

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Avas an inmate of the Hospice de Menages for six years, exhibited no

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Second. The subject of furloughs is one which has been often

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this feeling confined to this country. Mr. Ernest Hart

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supposed to be dying. He was pale and haggard, and suffered from extreme

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se of alcoholic stimulants, and syphilis may, any of i

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to our readers mil be considered as doing t/iem and us a favor, and,

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congenial to its development are only dormant, and not eradi-

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associated with myosis and vascular dilatation (Mobius). Cases of

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appeared specially on this subject, but the author gives full

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such. Yet it is estimated that it may well entail a simultaneous loss of

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the third day after the operation. Ulcerative inflammation was

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reflect as faithfully as possible the present status of Bacteriol-

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McNairy, C. Banks, Kinston, P. and S., Bait., 1893 1893 1905

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of (a) a rapid current of air, (6) an excess of moisture in the air, (c) a high

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well, and vomited once, which I attributed to a dose of calomel.

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out. This was filtered oft" and washed with cold alcohol, the residue weighing

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The wound was half an inch long, and bled profusely ; he arrested the bleeding

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and of a chocolate colour. The clots were continued into the great vessels

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