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patient with nephritis must have impressed upon him the fact that

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controverted by reliable authorities. It would lead us en-

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termination; and, fourthly, the attention that has been paid since hs*)7,

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we desire to accomplish is not merely the removal of ob-

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nosis both in this country and abroad. Dr. Stuart's translation has met with a

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there being a lessened pulmonary secretion, a general improve-

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tension. On the other hand, the goose-quill or beaded) pipe-stem artery

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are also of import with regard not only to the condition of the

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and fruits were so rigidly excluded from the table that

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provers were ignorant as to which medicine they were proving."

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sible to overcome a shortening of as much One finds, however, that practically it is

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every house or group of houses there is a large hole filled

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diaphragm is completely paralyzed, then the inspiratory widening

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Stated Meeting, February 16, 1900, the President, William Cheatham, M. D.,

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the elevations to the comparatively healthy central portions which contain

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several existing regulations, not only in regard to that I'lofes-

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gique, hvT. iv., gives us the particulars of a case

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Primis harum fcbrium [peftilentiumj ita peraftis diebus, ad inunc-

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still firmly closed. I ordered castor oil and warm water

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It would be needless to analyze the cases of other authors.

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lescenten. Verbandl. d. Cong. f. innere Med., Wiesb.,

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in (I' ' s amount. I have just learned (Jan. 7th) that he has

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of the patient firmly against his chest, while the surgeon, with his thumbs

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and hiA office, and of the Board for general purposes

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accompanied by tubercular disease of the uterus, and got

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was always the same ; and therefore I have no hesitation in

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slight hypertrophy of the left ventricle existed ; the lungs were ad-

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