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May, Mr. G., jun., treatment of contracted vagina, 112
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was difficult, and deformity followed. The only etiological point in the
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Examination of Chest. — Percussion under the clavi-
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was of very low tension, almost impossible to count at
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ler,^^ Christ, ^'^ and Minassian ^* all attempted in various ways to
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what has been called “a verb with a singular termi-
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not help thinking how pertinent some of Dr. Alexander
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be subordinated to the Police Department or the Fire Depart-
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general paraK'sis of the insane) resulted from syphilis, and
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certain forms of infectious disease, to what appears to be
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mania it has proved a very valuable adjunct to the other treat-
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for speculation. Quartan— Every day. Rare. Estivo-Au-
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with this terribly destnictive malady. Dr. Maats appears to
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Under erythema fug ax are included a variety of superficial rashes seen
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of Homoeopathy, where we often see such openings most favorably
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vations and experiments are necessary for its thorough elucidation. An-
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menstrual periods were missed in 1903, and a miscarriage
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coipusdes, which are partly enclosed in them and partly suspended in
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lieving that the case reported a fortnight ago as one of cerebro-
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ber counted. Of total adults 7%, and of children 2% were
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The constitutional symptoms increase with the develop-
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Dr Merz of Sandusky took occupation of his new quarters
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abnormalities parallels ASA therapy, and (4) dysfunction
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which was participated in by Sir Speucer Wells, Mr. Kogi-'rs,
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war between the Ins and the Outs in this institution is now
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companying cut, which does not, I think, have any of
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of pigmented moles on the face and elsewhere. These on the face
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Kitchin, Thurman D., Wake Forest (Hon.); Jeff., 1908; U.N.C. 1908 1908
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Dk. F. Si'aktii, of llaiiihiirg, in an interesting article on this
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Literature. This subject has received much attention for many
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the mammalia, cats, rabbits, and mice, the cyanogen gas, whether inhaled or
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and blood-vessels and surrounding tissue which materially influ-
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tendency. Sex appears to have an important efiect, the large majority of
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