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ing and ligating the appendix. I learned then the appendix was
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surgical tuberculosis. In one case of knee-joint dis-
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drawn, although percussion showed very extensive dulness in the
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medical treatment. Let us detail one example : A patient
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and concomitant phenomena, the characters of the sputum, and the pres-
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minds of all, that hygienic measures have a direct as well as
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fact some high authorities insist on this being a salutary
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plication is met with less frequently after excision
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100 plan has been changed to Comp Care 200 to reflect
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youthful countenance of Francis for that of Craske.
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bakers, housemaids, sailors, gardeners and outdoor laborers.
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fatal. In a young lady residing near Black Eock, to whom I was called
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its uses in the treatment of diseases of children. We
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in the superior border of the larger intestinal seg-
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study of medicine. In the circular issued for this purpose it is
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contraction of the arterial twigs supplying the affected part. Thomson had already
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mitted of no delay, and their cause seemed to be unmistakeable. The inci-
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larynx and produce a slight monjentary sensation of suffo-
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standing of what Boerhaave means by the expressions
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for the care with which it was written, and the complete mastery of
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nus, convulsions and hydrophobia. It is almost constantly met with in those cases, com-
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bacillus, with a clear central space, which he named
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ability to follow straight lines with the tumbling of words above or
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two-year lease: open hospital staff; physician leaving
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ous enough for one to attempt to tabulate a statement of
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apparently shown that formaldehyde gas has wonderful
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Dr. ^ MuKCHisoM referred to the possibility of idiopathic
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the difficulties of medical jurisprudence; and even then the question of
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ton Key and recorded by Sir A. Cooper, in which the
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gained from the persistence of such an opening, and the
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doubtless similar effects, though they are less obvious.
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and walking is impossible. Dyspnoea appears, and is accompanied by
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can be carried on when our working strength abates or
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' Boudet, Nouvelles Rechcrches sur la composition du serum du sang liumaiu.
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believe that the presumption is in favor of a positive answer ;