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(i ) After a certain period of disease regenerative processes
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print for L^»emarii.] for Virginia, North and South Carolina,
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yellow fever cases — fifteen of whom had black vomit. Of the en-
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The original articles contained in Dr. Hammond's rsychologiccd
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strange that the use of the normal salt so- The rectal route is employed when the
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many a very pleasant odour, not at all an objectionable taste,
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and to impair digestion. 6. The external as well as the internal
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the tissue of the cornea. M. Gosselin found that a solution of many acids
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gently and thoroughh' done, and that it will be favorably
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I would puncture the membrane, and discharge the liquor amnii.
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They will find a complete summary of the Viennese treatment
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The production of intestinal disease by swine-plague bac-
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tory muscles. Thus, congestion, oedema, hemorrhages, pneu-
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ried by rail, have been properly disinfected as required by the Government
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the gradual formation of membranes of salts, which, remaining on the
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erothlaufes und die Schutzimfung. Berliner thierarz. Wochen. (1897).
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perience to the profession. What, however, has been much
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alike imbued with ideas of danger that may arise from attempts to
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combination of oxygen with venous blood in the lungs, whereby
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were repeated, combined with two grains of calomel, in twelve
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Dilatation oftheos and cervix uteri has been objected to, as
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to find he is a defaulter to the laws of cleanliness and health.
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English asylums, has hitherto been zealously defended by them
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the term implies, through the injured integument or mucosa.
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stored he stood faithful to its flag. conduct. Honesty the only policy he pur-
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occurrence; the pupils of the eyes were often dilated. At the be-
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a gelatin culture contained only hog cholera bacteria. They were verj-
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ticipation in work which takes them more scopically the eggs were found,
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is to be got by perpetually unsettling the basis of our knowledge
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winter and early spring I operate at any of the harelip and are cut in nearly every
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April 5th. Uneasy and sleepless last night. The hole in the
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case the change in the blood is secondary to the change in the
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ture suffered no apparent ill effects from the ticks. Animals
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tion of 3'cllow fever (which is the same in its essential typical
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tion of fluid. Belladonna, however, is apt to affect the sight
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tries, alphabetically arranged ; a list of the doses of all officinal or estab-
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subsides without. It may be advisable to repeat the powder