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tions. In the treatment of bed-sores above mentioned only surgical treat-
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jority of cases the temperature does not rise more than 1° or 2° F. It may
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rounding the acini, where the new growth of fat-tissue causes atrophy and
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Lactic acid has been found in the urine in diabetes, acute yellow atrophy
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tures forming the true skin and its appendages, such as hair, sebaceous
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is a prominent symptom. The pneumonic sputa are at first ''rusty" or
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and vomiting ; he becomes pallid, and the surface cold and clammy, as
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often heard. The vocal sounds vary greatly ; they may be diminished, or
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tion with the coloring-matter of the blood, and the evidences of decompo-
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times. These masses will increase or extend through the soft tissues.
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sharj) pain in the side ; the i)ulsc becomes rapid J^~
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Symptoms. — The sym])toms which attend a bronchial hemorrhage vary
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so few patients with confluent small-pox escape. Permanent alopecia often
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head of the bone dissects up the glutei muscles, and in fairly thin sub-
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Treatment. — Remove the fascial obstruction to the lymphatic circu-
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nate in septicemia or pyemia. Sapremia calls for quick and vigorous
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1 Virchow and Cohnheim both state that a plug rloes not necessarily exist in all cases : that enfeebled
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congestion. If the blood current be slowed and the engorgement still
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airless, and in the earlier stages dilatable ; later on, not. The walls of the
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that his arterial system is fragile and may at any time rupture, caus-
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per part of the larynx, principally in the ary-epiglottic folds, and at the
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parts than the skin or intestine, are very grave results ; when they occur in
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an even temperature ; then the colonies of bacteria begin to grow. Each
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course ; even pain may be absent. A sudden collapse attended by a soft,
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numbness in the part about to be affected. The patient cannot determine
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symptoms of bronchitis until within a short time previous to the death of
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not a good method for the treatment of a spontaneous aneurysm where
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must be most carefully preserved. The soil on which the dwelling-house
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is diminished in size, but its free margin can still be felt, and is hard and
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lation takes place slowly, there will be few, if any, subjective symptoms to
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severity of the inflammation. If the inflammation is mild in character,
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mations, frequently found in the cardiac walls, give evidence that circum-
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pathological results of inflammation are the product of three factors, com-
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partly by reflex action, partly by direct irritation of the adductor muscles
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cauterizing of the lupus the wound should be treated with an ointment
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ditions which interfere with the free circulation of the blood through the
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bulged, or torn by the blood- current. A rupture of the mitral valves will
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degeneration. Between the cysts snuUl globules, consisting of calcare-
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