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50. Children's Defense Fund Staff: A Children's Defense Budget: An Analysis

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the placental margin which completely covered the os. As in

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their pressure could have influenced the circulation of the

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M. J., Lond., 1898. i, 69-71.— da Roi-ha (A. A.) Investi-

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were no kind and protective adhesions to prevent immediate

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rates, and the adoption of a standard of age distribution.

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is no increase, and not infrequently in the course of the disease the sur-

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drops, and not to their active ingredients. Again, certain of the

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rangements — Drs, S. B. Ward, E. L. Partridge, and E. S.

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stands his case. Beginning in a general medical depart-

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ossicles, and the internal ear. The tympanum is stretched like

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of information ; so that it is almost certain that whoever sees

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organic matter contained in this substance. The plant, on the other

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matous and often of fatty degeneration. T\e^k{Rneys are swollen, especially

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character of the case. The greater part of the induration had

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This was done and without much trouble, save in one of the

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languid manner. It will be far better also for invalids

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first evidences of retinitis. In some instance vision

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tory canal by means of a blunt-pointed probe and making

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smoking. Now adult males constitute by ^far the majority of the

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had enabled the conditions of the pelvic organs to be studied in

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60°; champagne, 46° to 50° ; coffee, 73° to 79° ; beef-

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vertically through the orifice of the urethra. The position of the

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spinal marrow, whereas the spinal marrow is often affected

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other difficulties. Antiscorbutics are hard to be obtained, as we

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It takes the form of a manual of clinical description

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Anaesthesia by Suggestion. — Dr. Pitres relates in

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as the several symptoms may often be prevented by appropri-

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incomplete establishment of the rash when the symptoms indicate an

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to have disappeared, it is not certain that its reduction has been

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