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army of St Domingo, and in the garrison of Gibraltar — (see my
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leadership of the State Medical Society three years
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pathic Hospital is filled largely with the patients of regu-
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that it is the princijjal seat of life (prana). Susruta enumerates 40
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be obtained by carrying out concurrent estinuitions — first, of the
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before any annoying symptoms are present, and in the masked cases we
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kmd of pottery with reference to pharmacy jars is perhaps of primary
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Percivall, describing the opacity of the cornea and anterior
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to determine definitely where the lesion began, but it seems desirable
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easily be mistaken for acute middle ear suppuration. Again,
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according to Hirsch and Evans and other authorities,* en-
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in nonfasting patients and in those with severe bleeding
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Rochester), N. Y. ; Berkshire, Mass., District Medical Society
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tion. He was born June 17, 1865, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Was
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requisite " is offered ; and in some that we have seen an inti-
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absolute cleanliness more difficult. The appreciation of the
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cient. A bland ointment is used asa dressing, under this treatment. — Medical Press ami Cir-
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ments, but which at the time had attracted little notice. In 1857, Buhl, of
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part : "In places from which a case of smallpox has
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so-called true croup, that is, to laryngitis with exudation. It is to be
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upon their spears certain runic characters, which were
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Finally, we notice that although a great deal is said
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tion beyond the right border of the sternum and simulate an aneurism.
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accurate and trustworthy reports of the proceedings of the
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— Sometimes an extra duct will lead from the main duct out on
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drinks should, as a rule, be avoided. It is a well-known fact that one
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Brown-Bequard places the ataxia among the reflex paralyses, and ascribes
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cases in elderly persons, with atheromatous vessels,