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appears to me that these facts should be called to the atten-

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1850, p. 230, will be found two cases communicated to mie by Mr. Procter, of

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tion is a more precarious matter. Unforeseen increases

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occur from the mucous surfaces and occasionally into the

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M. Fauvel, at the meeting of the .■\cademie de Medi-

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general interest. Secretaries of County or Territorial

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of carcinoma, however, invade one or both of the ureteral

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and strength. In one case the baby gained, from the second


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in the paper already noticed ; in the report of Dr. Berg, of Stock-

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membranes ; in the pus of chronic abscesses ; combined with cancerous,

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Exchange, presented a very peculiar complication. We saw the body,

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It only remains now to see how these facts, ascertained by expe-

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and varying in size from a birdshot to an almond. The largest

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:chings of the muscles of the face and extremities have also been observed