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upper fragment, and a shorter piece pulling upwards the
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tem, and also from a diseased mitral valve. Futakiio<^ and
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sternomastoid, the spinati, deltoid, and those of the forearm and le^ U1"W
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sult will arrive sooner in proportion to the organization of the
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about after the child is born : among others she is made to occupy
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organic matter is undergoing slow decomposition, the
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ness of attempting to preserve the limb in case of bad
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The red-blood cells numbered 1,000,000 and the hemoglobin
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to procure for the profession more satisfactory par-
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depletion. (5) Clinical evidence of this is afforded by relapses oc-
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meetings on Hamilton Avenue. They are mostly Scandi-
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' Colored Thinkine. by D. Fraser Harris, M.D. .Toiirnal of Ah-
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sensation of fulness and pulsation in the anus, followed by itching of a most
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decompose when heated. It, however, turns a dark brown, if tlfe
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Bacteriological Lahorator//. — In this connexion I draw your attention
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with stertorous breathing, and incessant jactitation ; he answered
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not more than eight failed to take ivith satisfactory result, demonstrating
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those scholars who are not able to endure. the fatigue of
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Such an instrument Dr. II. describes. It consists of a gum-elastic bag, capable
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And here just a word about apparatus and appliances in general.
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it is not surprising that his views as to the seat of the pain are
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and gin to certain of the inmates who performed extra duties.
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doubtedly the state of many of the patients, one could not help
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was a few minutes before I could exactly understand what she really
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complication epithelial casts and blood casts may be superadded. At other
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cavity by the spores of a yeast (Monospora), and that if these spores
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of suppuration and modified the disease. From the moment the plaster