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Drayton has described poliomyelitis under three distinct groups.
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their character, and may usually be successfully treated by serum therapy.
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The writer does not claim to have solved this problem, but has submitted
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refort regularly, and lick the earth with their tongues.
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teresk'd. That is done Avithinit cost to cither j)art_v; no court or
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Destruction of the cornea, foetid discharge from ulceration of the nostrils,
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or other cardiac depressant, will rarely be found expedient, and, like the
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have been reported. Beyond these, and general dryness and wasting of all
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dystrophies of the nails and skin that are frequently associated with
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jaundiced, they are present in the blood, and they produce the following
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and in that of cancer from gastric insufficiency. Some of the points in the
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will not account for reabsorption in Ludwig's theory, the modern theory
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and prostration, or from some complication, such as haemoptysis. The
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tion — twelve in fifty-eight cases. Death may also occur from gangrene,
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variably the muscles of the legs, and often of the thighs, hands, and
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the closure of the muscle for this purpose does not lessen the
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sides the special treatment, which is necessary for the conditions which
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Will readily copulate with fheep, il'id. Love the hottelt
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ent, and an efficacious medicine in all difeafes befall-
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it, and it is very heavy ; it may weigh as much as 20 lbs. The masses
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carbohydrates ; and it is well to allow a few days to elapse before all carbo-
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In this number another article of the same type is published.
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Soc. Trans., 1899), consider that when both bronchi are affected, the stenosis
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the characters of slightly altered haemoglobin. It often includes many
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most to the right a strip of 2 \ to 3 in. broad, which is uncovered
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to the liver, the circulation is chiefly carried on by anastomosis between
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Differential. — (1) Acute peritonitis may present some difficulty. In
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prohibition, but among other nations, founded on political views
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The superficial bones, such as the tibiae, the ulnae, the clavicles, the sternum,
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diately after entering the system — symptoms which run a rapid course,
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of instruction given to the higher years in Medicine to any one who
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as Columella obferves*, found it of more benefit to
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subsequently, be entirely removed, and the integrity of the bowel may
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1. Bacterial Endocarditis Mitral and Aortic Valves.
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than twenty-four hours, can be fufficiently treated
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fhakin^^ of the head, as if the ears were tickled ;
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for Sick Children we have been using Jansky's classification for four
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those women who had borne children than in those who had not. These
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the necrosis may be more limited in degree, and it may be indicated upon
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dependent on the ingestion of food, and on the delay of undigested food in
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farther than he, with regard to certain aspects of the movements of the
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deposition of lime salts, principally the phosphate. Calcification is a
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work. When Pepys was about thirty-eight years of age he had to cease