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previously fed on the blood of those sick with this disease. 3. An interval
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Appendicitis is fairly often a cause of perinephritic abscess, either by
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staneo. The question arises whether the pigmentary deposit in the viscera
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respiration had been throughout illness above normal. Left temporo-sphenoidal
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is his bounden duty to prescribe that which will be most beneficial.
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(Yes, they are fair and, ' fairer than that word,' of
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Arsenic stands next to opium in its apparent efficacy. It may be given
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their new position, it will ever have heavy use. In Manchester, where the dirt is al-
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for occlusion of the vaj^ina. which proved success-
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reported by Merke {Schw. med. Wocli., Basel, February 12, 1920,
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up into the hilum. The areolar tissue surrounding the vessels
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Article I. — Lessons from Surgical Practice. By B. Wills
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scarcely need mention. The pain, constipation, vomiting and
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organic acids, small quantity; yeast, small quantity.
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\ng office-dilatations of the uterine canal, in which etlier was not
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acid, or alcohol 2 parts, acetic acid 1 per cent., 1 part.
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phrenic nerve is not often injured. It may be involved in blows and wounds
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details which are painfully reiterated in ordinary lectures. In
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arrived at the conviction that the fever was communicated from person to per-
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responses. Professor Hilton then entered into the early his-
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rupture of the liver involves a prognosis containing
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Rushford acquired a new physician late in July when
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The diagnosis of enlargement of the middle lobe of the
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plication of fire to the head is necessary, and will be found to
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the tumor burden, eliminates sequestration of blood
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kine in India and the more recent work of Murata in Japan,
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L needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) has only recently
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When the infant makes attempts to sit down and stand up, one must
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whose benefits all parts of the nation share, the removal
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relaxation, in order to economize and store up strength.
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Austria, and after a period spent in travel he emigrated to the
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neither of these is desired, give the fluid extract
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the parts. Observers were not agreed as to the precise risk
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complement where the complement is furnished by the test serum.
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je reponds i la lettre que vous lui reply to the letter which you ad-
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near Clonskeagh, remarked, that where there v»^as but one man, he saw
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treatment as would require to be placed in the hands of the special
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bladder is emptied with a catheter and the time is accurately noted when the urine
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4. I am convinced that Dr. Amott cannot have made him-
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creased fremitus at the left; moist, crackling, and sub-