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Labouring Population of England and Wales, 18-12 ; Local Reports on the

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To furnish aid to ambulant indigent sick and injured ... 1

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the whole hypothesis of hysteria. He thinks the thewj

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mercury and iodide of potash are found to be most effective in

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should consider before choosing a carrier or HMO. Spe-

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which has helped the case most, although zizia aurea 2x, in

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Dr. C. A. Temple has received the appointment of Medica^

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bath disagrees with persons in good health ; in such instances, however,

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to be regarded with great suspicion, C. lulMfera, so called

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In other words, I would invite your attention, for a time,

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osmosis; (2) a more or less homogeneous, usually hyaline, ground sub-

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ject. "With respect to the mode of action of calomel in cholera cases, _ I

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cases cannot derive full benefit from it. It often happens, besides,

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associated with that side. It was a true byiierostosis crauii, and such a

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Ik 1,1 oM JS. ,Mi tlu- W.-st Ciitliolic Hiijli Sclioo] Atlil.tic Ki.l.i.

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experimental work to be done before we shall have positive knowledge

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gave a history of being there from two to six weeks before the onset of

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must be identified by preparing and examining microscopic slides, as macroscopically

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Also: Aicb. f. Angeiih . Wiesb , 1884-5. xiv. 172- 174.

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me by Dr. George T. Elliot, of this city. Since then I

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they always usefully begin with the object of prevent-

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Treasurer S. S. Hall: There is in the neighborhood of $500

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but also through thepower of the latter to mitigate tlie violence

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heat. The sole cause of this heat is a chemical process,

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these, the writer considers them all inferior to Lime Water.

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practice must not only be efficient, it must also be portable, easily prepared,

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in the tissues. That coming from the fibrin factors in the exudation

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but they refuse other fluids, because such fluids are not in ac-

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