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sophy, because we fear that the best medical science of the present day,
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one is called the hydrostatic — the other, the test of Plouquet. After
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dilate, and I would gladly at this moment state the advantages of the island: this
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ing, she denied it — at length confessed it, but said it was no larger
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value as a diagnostic. — Ibid, Sept. 6th and 13tk, 1834.
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and for the fact that for days the liver continued swollen and tender.
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by very little distinction of the seasons, of the modifying agency of large
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importance as a cause of displacement; its habitual tone, and its tonic contractility.
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of the United States and Territories, and are based on an aggregate mean
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is swollen and firm, and measures 14 cm. in length by 11 cm. maximum
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At 3.30, 100 c.c. is delivered in twenty-six seconds.
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loses its peculiar tendency to adhesion under slight irritations.
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latter consists of materials of an inferior degree of animalization, and in which
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November 3. Doing well. Temperature and pulse normal.
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glands available which have been removed between May 10, 1908,
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direction then the right costal border will exceed the left costal
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bed the past month, though a marked intoxication is still present.
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to the right of it. There were three openmgs in the right groin, one, the
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be eradicated, and the patient sunk under violent vesical tenesmus.
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continued. From time to time, during a week, I carefulh' exammed the part —
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complicated by hemorrhage, in which the agglutinating power of
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potassium bichromate solution, then wash thoroughly with tap
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poisoning to compare the output from the artificial aorta with that
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shows marked intoxication. Diarrhea for one month. Marked loss
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and pallid appearance; in such cases, the leading indication appeared
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part of the urobilin in the urine may be derived from the formation