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II. L SCHMED, M.D., White Plains, Westchester County.
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nor perish, since every male has his female of proportionable age.
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fibrils appear contracted and the cell smaller. The cells of the posterior horns
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eased. The health and general condition do not suffer. The
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The description here given is sufficient to induce the belief that the
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at first decided to refuse it. We have received many
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terial which is physiologically active in proportion
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sil have lost sight of the fact that the tonsil is an organ
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of membranous croup as diphtheritic in character, and
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the air-borne theory certain of the best attested epidemiological data
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In all doubtful cases of tubercular leprosy, the demonstrable presence of
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house-officers. By the terms of the contract all buildings
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in necrosis and gangrene of the skin — E. gangrcenosum. The inflammation
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tation. But the primary irritation may be at the nervous
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