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normal tone on the decline of the inflammation ; time must be given

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symptoms of the disease — one of the invariable results of the action

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tion of the excretion through the skin, which gradually becomes very

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intelligence may be affixed to the offspring and hope kept foremost in

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Pain about the heart is often due to indigestion, and care must be

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ing, and such phenomena as were noted in connection with inflamma-

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gout into the chronic malady is marked by a predominance of articular

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should eat less food and of a more simple kind than those whose

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sive manner, and the changing expression of his face,

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times the ears and nose. They are frequent with those whose circu-

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as well as by valvular disease. A constant difficulty in breathing

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or retrocedent varieties, the apoplectiform seizure, the epileptiform

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does not differ from tlie similar manifestations that occur among un-

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for great firmness or those who have been • the recipients of many

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N order to explain the functions of the skin it is necessary to give

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accumulations are found, not only in the legs, back, face, in fact, in all the

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nent change has taken place in the structure of an organ, so that it

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apoplectic should frequently recover from the shock to the central