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sunken ; the skin cold, and covered with a profuse,
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work a little hour a day now " ; "a short hour a day
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supervision, relates two cases (out of four) which are confessedly
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Synonym. — Common or table salt, muriate of soda, sal
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inaccuracies in the attempted analysis not deserving of further
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ries were pressed down by the knife, and as the section
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mon that one part of a town will be entirely or almost
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points of dispute which so far have not been settled. The early stages have
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remove but one tumor of large size, he simply throws around its base a
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tions of carbonic acid in air required to produce noxious or fatal effects on
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of four or five weeks. Dudley advises that a tourniquet should be applied if
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Whether a fistulous communication between the ovarian sac and
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a useful limb. I very well after ihe resection of the head of
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the blood, such as occurs in pregnancy; by pressure produced
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with markfid hypertrophy of lower and middle turbinals
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If in any case temporary restraint was required, it would have been in uiw,
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astringent, only when diarrhoea is present, not universally. He pre-
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tional or mixed forms of leulaemia and pernicious anaemia. He expressly
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and important an art as preserving health and alleviating dis-
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one or more of these factors. Lithiasis is intimately
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object to that of a bean. 5. Concretions seldom appear
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twelve cases were reported. The Health Officer at once
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comiilish greater wonders than the touch of Midas' wand,
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handicapped children from birth to three years of age as a
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tion for the Promotion of Social Science, at \ the pestilence which constantly broods over
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SURGERY — Intensive course in Surgical Technique, two
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are well known. Now modern research permits us to demonstrate
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3. It is in a measure a haemostatic, acting especially
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and Chalybeate Water, of very agreeable and refreshing taste, owing to its large proportion of carbonic acid ; a valuable Dietetic Beverage in
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thrombosis and pyemia. Operation under local anesthesia may diminish
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water are dissolved in a cup of boiled tepid water and with this applications
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framed to account for the supposed infrequency of the phenome-
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showed the presence of a defense ferment, which correspondence