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% teaspoonful in y 2 glass of water every hour through the day.
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disease is of great practical importance. In numerous cases
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in cases where the femoral vein is injured the method of controlling
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the particulars how it would operate, but only that it would make
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was operated on in a similar experiment, showed the marks of inflammation by conglomerating
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of the rate, thoiigii sometimes retardation is observed.
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fail to render it acceptable to the subscribers of the "AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TIIK MRDICIL
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to poison, maim, and slay the valuable flocks and herds
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30. A. Schmidt. Verhandl. d. Congr. f. inn. Med., 1904, xxi, 335.
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inflicted on man by this parasite, it is a still greater evil to dumb
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of the deficiency of one of the anatomical professors,
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am inclined to believe that in every case of insanity,
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direct observation. The most important points, in distinguishing
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is of little use ; its administration is a matter of extreme difficulty, often impossi-
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monthly examinations affects the candidate's final standing.
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very iminent danger, and the sooner they are removed to some exempted
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SIPELAS aiul ERYSIPELOID. Bv Dk. H. Lenhartz, of Hamburg. PER-
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it, and, on'y that h}-_;:en.sts never harbor ill-feeling,
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cells of the lungs is absolutely indispensable to the
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Par. J, .S, O. jS2, Department of the East, September 27, 1883.
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no permanent benefit from the numerous remedies prescribed,