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im^jression upon the administration of the schools. The defects
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as favourable as anterior positions of the occiput.
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a history of syphilis ; the administration of specific remedies restored him
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pupils to groups of cases presenting the various stages and complications
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Certain cases under the care of, certain investigations
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trichuriasis, about 70 per cent of adults ; filariasis, about
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to those in which the causes of h3'pertrophy of the left side of the heart
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group was 23 minutes (range, 12 to 32). The decision to use
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cially adapted and arranged for their due comfort and care ;
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Since there are very many calls for teachers to supply
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from three to five thousand feet above the sea, in the coast range of the
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very strong centripetal acting stimulus to the vagus, brings all the muscles of the chest and
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beautiful hospital. I reached it in time to witness
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It contains an Almanac, a Table of Poisons and their Antidotes
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Lud^rove fatal to a human being. Sofa samples of this a kuW J
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time availed myself of the germicidal action during the attack. The urine was found to
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'Zeitschr. f. Gcburts. u Gynaek. Bd. x. Hit. 3, p. 384.
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of adenoid tissue from the vault by means of a modified
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an indirect transmission of the disease. While vaccination very
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Fourthly, with respect to the treatment, of convulsions in
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nical obstruction cannot be distinguished from that of enteritis, the Phy-
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in the conjunctiva?, and rapidly becoming general, but it diminishes very
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persons who could be attracted would not be satisfactory. In
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its sheath. The external band, containing the masse-