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monstrated by the pupillary reaction occurring only when the white side of the

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amphibia, becomes, in the mammalia, the superficial flexor sublimis, altering

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plasm, still others appear to end in the protoplasmic branches or on the proto-

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of the use of handkerchiefs by phthisical patients, and

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gelatin, since the free HBr, being able to diffuse through the collodion

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pigment in the skin and viscera and, later, diabetes as a result of in-

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pregnancy, and a satisfactory specimen was obtained in one.

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paper is recorded as well as a general discussion at

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glands.^ The daily performance of the healthy kidney is no doubt a

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tell how oftentimes at morn and eventide I heard the harp of harmony

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and upper margins of the optic thalami. h and i. The corpora quadrigemina.

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bandl. d. X. iuternat. med. Cong. 1890, Berl., 1891, iii,

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been a long time in the hospital, and had used all the most appropriate

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In a case of intense pruritus extending to the glans penis, the

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Cork Medical Protection Association relative to the same

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I advised operation, which was refused. I treated him off and

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upward ; it is connected to the umbilicus by a fibro-muscu-

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down into its true course. In Johannesburg I saw several cases

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diseases. The same is true of mercury. Mercurialization quickly reduces

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Pitres reports a case of injury to the left frontal region which

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all is the brain cavity, which contains that organ, through which

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Certain indirect evidences support this theory of oxygen secretion.