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Periodic Swelling of the Salivary Glands. — Certain persons are subject
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especially within the first few years after infection, may be
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during early infancy the diagnosis is often more difficult.
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great need in Glasgow and the West of Scotland for a meeting-
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remedies in the treatment of epilepsy ] Obozr. psichiat.,
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and the diagnosis was thus confirmed. Three others, XII, XVIII,
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the body, as illustrated in Plate I., fig. 2 (the brain itself with
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to cold that the urine was colored. In the summer he
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first subject of complaint, and because of the huge size it frequently attains.
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had two general convulsions. Chvostek's sign was constantly
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She stated that she had lost weight to a considerable extent, her
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two years later. Where adhesions follow collapse occurred with a fatal result within
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In even the thinnest sections of the wheat-grain the gluten
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think a great deal is gained by irrigation of the bladder. Think I have seen
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^\ 'Ht the intercostal sjjaces were unusually tender on the aflected
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followed at intervals by a furious madness, that disposed the pa-
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As has been remarked, that pcpsic liquid is far from partaking
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the President of the United States is hereby authorized
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(which are smaller and paler than normal and are fre-
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minute." There are several enormous calculi. H 2 c weighs
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rule this inflammation is plastic. Pain in the side, a catch in the breath,
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were followed by severe accidents, such as purulent
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is obtained, and pain is not caused if the bladder is not distended. A warmed
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stone of this magnificent building was laid by the Marquis
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meetings when he could, though at home in his remote region he
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from the size of a five cent piece to that of a dollar, or larger.
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small extent, its existence cannot ever be physically proved.
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Rosenau, M. J., Passed Assistant Surgeon. One day's leave of absence, April 28, 1904,
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gathered from his own experience in everyday practice,
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still firmly closed. I ordered castor oil and warm water
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