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and the circulation in the limb seemed arrested. This
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adviser can give mstructions regarding the precise ana-
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application of heat rather than of cold. There appears to be no objection
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which was a prominent symptom before the operation, has now disap-
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ished. No depressing effect has ever been observed by
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1913. Morris, Roger S., 1806 Locust St., St. Louis.
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it is, of course, supposed by the writer that the heart
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connecting link toward the instrument ; the latter is soon embraced in its turn,
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than forty-eight hours, probably not longer than twenty-
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11. For many years Dr. Klob has directed special attention in dis-
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and more clearly that in every case of inflammation which comes before
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any note untd the night of April 6, the thirteenth day of the
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grateful is she, that she has expressed her willingness to see,
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both instances presented trypanosomes. Subsequently Billet
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muscles. Melchior's patient exhibited tension of the abdominal
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follows closely the upper border of the eleventh rib; it
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and, from that time, returned at each menstruation.
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of wretched beggars, and the inhabitants of confined prisons-
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Hansell says we may assume that the average man will
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ology present facts that favor this view. For example,
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years of age. By John Caldwell, M. D. Preland, London-
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consider further issues of its objectionable so-called
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the strength of thirty to forty gi-ains to the ounce in the treatment
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muscle, minute portions of which with irregular edges lay
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flometinies spreads throughout other regions; great d3rspnoea ensues;
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a train of reflexes such as will handicap a child seri-