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day observed to blow his nose upon a piece of paper, and when he got out
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James L. Moore, Jr., John A. Owen, Jr., Leon I. Block,
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one side to the other, it is more buried in the surrounding parts, and can-
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Spina Bifida Occulta. See Spine, Diseases of; Spina
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the neck at the point at which the eruption first appeared, proceeds
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lence of the attack, lose vision altogether, and are subsequently
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to get rid of malaria. After the removal the child had
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Professor of Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy, New York ; and GEORGE
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cautiously and serum potassium levels determined. Discontinue correc-
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previously to have affected the sebaceous follicle.
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general that such assumptions can be safely made? He
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all-sufficient ; if it were, the cure of all retroflexions would be
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The above is a case deserving of attention for many reasons ;
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lirium tremens. This class of persons are of all others, the greatest sup-
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that the term uninterrupted recovery means a different thing from an
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six weeks after. He is a man with a taste for scientific pursuits, to
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tion should be given. The irregularity as to the time and place
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stimulus from the lower bowel becomes less and less effective, and
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last; three weeks previously she had swallowed a J^et
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dermis. These tumours showed, on histological examination,
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to that of artizans and manufacturers, engaged in sedentary
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the melancholia increases or the opportunity is better,
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tively infrequent, and are typically caused by the fall of a heavy
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expertise may prevail. In these settings, as well as in
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evident. The less commotion that exists in a room, prior
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bu a fact) that houKeopalhic practitionerH iiuy medical publica-
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prior to any secondary operation. They also approve
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muscle in action, in plotting the diplopia field, and to pick out
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tics and purgatives, medical practitioners have turned their atten-
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alkaline treatment ; again it is salicylic acid. Whatever it may be, the
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the power to carry out what was necessary for the public weal.
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In all cases the main element in treatment is absolute rest in
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170, V. 1 (10), Mar. 10, pp. 667-668, 1 fig. [W% W°^, W«.]
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the action of the perfectly healthy secretions of the gastric and intes-
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mia, and liver disease. Ann Intern Med 58:977-988, 1963.
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Bladder and Urethra. By F. Winckel, Professor of Gynaecology, and
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leir relative frequency. There is nothing diagnostic of the disease in
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