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tal on the twenty -li ft li day : and, on dissection, the intestinal
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In the present instance of the woman, however, it is rather
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irritant, and forms one of the nutritive derangements which proceed
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days. The details of this experiment are shown in Text-fig. 2.
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that certain cheesy material and ffray tubercles possessed the infectious
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urine revealed no evidence of disease, the threads had
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be carefully and discretely chosen, since they are very considerably
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chusetts, he speaks of " a strange and wide conspiracy on
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It has already been mentioned that in a few cases of herpes zoster
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ery. There were no air emboli, said to be the main cause of fatal results
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the body, the period of gestation, and the number of young,
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our patient last, which was something over a year after
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not lend itself to the securing of better results in any other
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depended primarily upon the diseased condition of the bone,
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ing, by ballot, the officers for the ensuing term of three years-
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such short duration. The thorax is long and narrow.
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hemiplegia : the mouth was drawn over to the left, the lines of the face and of the
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or what effected the pressure ; and we were assured that the
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Dr. MacDonald, of Brandon, referred to a case which had
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rest. It is therefore absolutely necessary that they be cloth-
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triumphant ; and, after all, knowledge has increased, and has,
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solution of potassium bichromate. This is placed between the source of light and
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two the whole exact school of France is based. But the
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green was nothing more than an extract of spinach ! It led to death under
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simplicity of life in the lap of luxury, gentleness in the storm of per-
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sound. This instrument, however, frequently deceives. After the foreign body
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ture are necessary, the chronic under-funding of the Health Service
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If we knew exactly how much, and what particular nitrogen
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cases manipulation with the staff might cause extravasa-
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gravity of typhoid fever when it attacked a patient al-
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. Sweet to the taste and warm, and imparted a flavor or
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selves between the particles of casein, and prevent the forma-
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examination I found that this man evidently had paralysis of the ab-