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and general. Intestinal hemorrhage and epistaxis are com-
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The Coniniis-hini r throws out the suiiiicsfion that tin- uieni-
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I know of no such firm in the world properly organized on a
is suprax a strong antibiotic
years ; suffering first from fainting-fits at the menstrual period, afterward from
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camps of th(! United States. The first article will be by Surgeon-
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able — Diabetics and Tuberculosis — Thyroid" Treatment — Progno-
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often, however, he has been apparently healthy. The onset is sudden,
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Dr. A. B. Ball, of this city, declines to treat the case if he is not
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Dr. Wilson* reports four hundred and eight cases treated by syste-
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from door to door, and who know nothing whatever about
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a most valuable initiatory procedure, which the feeblest subjects may
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Valuable as these statistics must be as an argument in favor of strict
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improved, and rarely occurred in cases admitted early. The intes-
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tients, showed by their reactions that they possessed special relation to
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bath (following the above hot-air bath) of 80° F., one minute. Pulse
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and the eruption is usually rather abundant, though in well-authenti-
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us for the knowledge that we pretend to have, we are found want-
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Pathology. — This type of malaria may arise (1) as a fresh infection,
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into practice and comes across a man with a murmur, what is
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long the patient remained in the hot-air bath, the reply was " until she
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the greater is the turgescence of the cutaneous vessels and, pari
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P.M., lecture by the professor of materia medica; four p.m.,
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and their more general intermingling, there is a tendency at
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cough until December, 1889, when he had a most severe hemorrhage, became very
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jactitation, insomnia, or excitability. In the latter event great benefit
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try. This was the last epidemic appearance of the disease in the United
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nate with constipation. In such instances the lesions are apt to be situ-
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Servants' wages alone are high. At the best hotels you can
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him rescued from immediate danger. A wet-nurse and careful attention restored
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start up and the fruit returns again to its original elements,
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.Vnother interest of my creed is that well and timely presented
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Symptoms. — The rational symptoms are often absent. Close ob-
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remainder, the disease ended by lysis of a very slow type. Improve-
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rheumatism, while the eruption belongs to the former alone. Influenza
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position, suitable apparently for all invalids. They prepare
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in a patient suffering from chronic rheumatic gout.
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to say, they have not sufficient acid in them to cause the alka-
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We find, for instance, in every disease, that there is always
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berries, Raspberries, Strawberries — Decay of Fruit — Mushrooms,
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should never be eaten until the outer skin has been removed
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be distinguished from the latter. The streptococci of erysipelas assume
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of these — almost exactly half — it was found advisable to tit an
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