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Early in October she wrote to inform me that she had
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▼ary in thickness, so as to form, on the one hand, mere films, on the
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or chemistry. Their mother-wit helps them to explain to the patient
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wound must be aseptic and the skin clean. The latter can be cleansed with
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arm was the seat of constant jerking movements, which reached a climax of
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the only application that appeared to do any good during a
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bowels the next morning. The writer is also employ-
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the matter to some relatives who accompanied her, they also tried to
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symptoms of intestinal obstruction developed, necessitating an operation,
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syrup of tolu, but probably no substance disguises the taste of
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"but," says Dr. Forbes Winslow, "if the effect of the vicious habit be
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lung. Temperature, 100° ; pulse, 110; respirations, 28.
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born to the native population throughout the United States is
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the L-ri-Mlrr will 1h lir> .in;..ui:l . .1 iilTi.-i- ,i:ul -...r ti--ur. .nui • . .:i-..qiK-nl . .
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The boy returned to school, and went on as usual. He used to complain
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orrhage have occurred, these measures will be useless. The utmost
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the patient had an increase of sexual desire, and in July, 1884,
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(7/r.) L. de Sere, " La virilite et I'fige critique cliez Fhomme et
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slowly advances, the passage of the fieces is gradually
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gauntlet of the profound anaemia as well as the condition of
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horror at Mt. Horeb, where an enterprising cultist is build-
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The Nature and Treatment of Leprosy. By R. H. L. Bibb, M.D 539
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could corroborate everything that had been said by Dr.
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in its brightness the limit and the surface of the projection
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Deutsch-Am. Aerzte, Buffalo, 1884, ii, 65-07.— Evans (A.)
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and of these the best to which I am able to refer are those made by Ham-
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comes swollen and red, and the papillae large and prominent.
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thirty times in the muscles and subcutaneous tissue, more frequently
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degree of concentration met in the blood the pyrogenous ferment which
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which are delicate, and, with proper precautions, leave little to
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liliate this from other atfections may fairly be suspected, if he be-
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the element that has during all times dragged the profession into dis-
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Dr. Caille* in an article on the treatment of diphtheria presents
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plan, and we are very glad to learn, therefore, that the 'War-
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satisfied, but not to do them any good. Now that we
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appearance of myeloblasts in any considerable numbers ? In this
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parenchymatous nephritis which are entering upon a chronic stage.
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great advantage of this operation consists in preserving all of the muscu-
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This awkward, shuffling gait is generally attributed to laziness
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It is further claimed that cystin is not the only amino-acid which is not
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1. The auditory speech centre (A) is found in the neighbourhood of the