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The condition of the nervous centres, however, gives
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otlier remedies in tape-worm. Thus I find, amidst a
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are some facts connected with the disease clear and patent.
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over the seventh rib posteriorly. In the left lung, pectoriloquy,
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the cough. Various forms of routine treatment, in the way of
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Susceptibility of Enterobacteriaceae and Pseudomonas to Netilmicin
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until a suitable location is discovered, at which time and place he takes
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The picric acid test may also be made available for the quantitative
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but considered the time far too limited to pass a definite
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questionable, as is also the value of the chapter on the fun-
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been allowed a commission for disbursing the appropriation
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to worse aud die ; and it is worth our while to know
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sible. I believe that we possess in therapol an agent which
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recklessly runs the risk of soiling a garment irretrievably, rather than, take the pains to turn her
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Revis and Moore {Jotirn. Path, and Bacteriol., Edin. and London,
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The diagnosis is “subclavian steal.” The opaque
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tions v;pon the probability of cure in cases of partial |
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ordered six grains of quinine three times a day. and
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tinged for days after the hemorrhage, either blood red or brownish. If all these
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" ITie Triune Man," Dr. N. T. Dulaney, of Bristol, one
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ithe long head of the biceps, and the gracilis had suffered ; their
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children within a few days fell ill, and the disease proved to be tvphoid
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special symptoms attracted particular attention. Careful examination
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order to facilitate its exi:)ulsiou, which occurred during the sweating
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February 2, 1901, to August 2, 1901, there were admitted 31 cases
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sular ligament and lignmentiizn teres with ease, and removed the head
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I have seen a number of the cases Dr. Sidbury has described and I am