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by secondary hemorrhage that it should be definitely rejected.
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Stevenson, J. W., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Leave of ab-
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soldiers are forced to lead, not only in the field and
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she was able at the end of the month to take eight grains four
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It is not practicable to discuss all the variations in the fever curve
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country has ever used such rash medication ; but it cannot be
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enlargement of the bones. The swelling of the fingers and
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Nicholas, George Kdw.ird, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., L.M., Wandsworth
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cation IS much to be desired, yet there is an- apiece for them from a man who was sell-
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week after her admission to hospital. For three days it did not
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to be unpacked, and again carefully sorted. Within the last two
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tympanum — not one in a hundred can. Five minutes spent
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the treatment amounts almost to nothing, or even when it is
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the natural communications existing between the ventricles and the
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variability, the enlargement of the spleen, the profuse
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centuries as something absolutely correct and not to be
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strove to discover the source of hemorrhage, succeeding only in finding some
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boy was evidently the' subject of the " phosphatic diathesis,'' and
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production of saccharin ascites in diabetics. The important fact is the
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covery speedily ensue, as in cases of the sporadic cholera of adults ; but
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4. Chace, A. F., and Myers, V. C: The Value of Recent Laboratory Tests in
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by taking two stitches below the Maydl bridge and uniting the two
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modosities," while many have called it simply Quincke's disease or
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and assuming a purely judicial attitude, if possible.
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mechanical ones, but right in the threshold of this depart-
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in the character of drinking water often produces a slight
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April 30th. Ptyalism less profuse ; eruption continues to de-
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101 were vaccinated, of whom 1 died, a mortality of 0.99 per cent. Car-
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fibro-sarcoma of the placenta. It was the size of a fist. The patient was a
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and with its fibres in connection with one another."
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eter of the child's head measured three and one-half
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ployed, be they the knife or the apparatus, have only a
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The little operation comi^leted, the parts may be bathed with cold
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M'Swiney) was at a loss to understand why the fluid had not flowed out,
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hybridization in diagnostic surgical pathology. Hum