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tion, and fall into the habit of counting the pulse, feeling the heart's beat,
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an essential influence on the course of the disease ;
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stores, had torn up his own shirts for bandages and dressings for
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putting much more faith in the idea than the old lady herself, he
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particularly mention, however, a group of cardio-vascular troubles
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and even where the author is supposed to entertain erroneous opinions,
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He bathed in the Bath thermal waters on alternate days, and
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will be received until May 28, 1890 ; after which date
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reader the action of the arteries apparent to the eye. Dr. Johnson de-
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George H. Fox, *'A Friend,'' Dr. Horace T. Hanks, Mr. and Mrs.
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before operation, no matter what the condition of the patient.
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attention of the physician as well as the student of vital
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«esophagus, when its walls are paralysed, or there is obstruction at the
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Assuming all women to be married, this would give three years, out of
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will hold its Sixty-first Anniversary Meeting on Mon-
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tion, and when hungry, overheated, and prostrated, healthy
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ven Dispensary now occupies the new University Clinic which has
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Martin, Ph. B., M. D., Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, College of Physicians
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cently in the circle of my own acquaintance, that a
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from the human subject is eight feet — by Dr. F. J. Shepherd, of Montreal.
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dresses, "I will demonstrate to you that the spinal cord