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discharges of childhood, acrid and irritating, give information of
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same as those given for opium, and where there is present the
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rectal diseases 'in which dioscorea is most efficient the discharge
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want of infectious power for monkeys or for the particular monkey
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as the surgical celebrities of the past half century. Not-
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is double or even treble that of the organ in the fatal case
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best cure for diseases of the nervous system. Plenty of good
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ard G. Uowiitree, Baltimore; Elmer Ernest Southard, Boston;
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pain. The glands at the angle of the jaw are enlarged
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(old style), or a glycerole may be made, with the addition of
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to the nose and worn for several days. By the absorption
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blood proceeds from the bladder it generally follows a flow of
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glass and its surface. It is the fundamental condition in
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performed with the assistance of Drs. Emmet and Thomas,
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perature line. Mounting gradually during the first week up
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liver, spleen, and kidneys, which accompany the chronic disorder,
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food, before the stomach contents are rendered sufficiently acid
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The Action of Intravenous Injections of Various Substances in Animal
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to reassure the patient and promise a speedy recovery; she was
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accompanied by full, relaxed tissues, the patient always requires
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bottom of the eye a s well with the most simple as with the
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the case. In convulsions the pupil may be widely dilated, con-
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give rise to similar signs). Soon after the second examination was
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bid and specific virus — from those which are governed by
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Benzoic acid is stimulant, expectorant and disinfectant.
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of innervation, the local disease is continuously kept up. If the
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mally s : tusted, but in practical everyday work we may expect
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gravity of disease, and we are accustomed to think of it as an
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ence to the wrongs of innervation, temperature and circulation;
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and the patient was convalescing in four days ; there was marked
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consequence to determine what is expedient as it is to as-