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ticable to replace the bowel without undue violence, the wound

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and thirty healthy persons showed that in twenty four

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denly, lasts seven days, and then suddenly ends, is a sin.

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ments coriect? A contribution to the mechanics of the

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symptoms the lesion must be below the decussation of the facial fibres ;

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ing cause of the malady was the specific infection, as

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The inferior or external hemorrhoidal artery is a branch of the

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The case came under his observation about a week after

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more than balanced by the entire preservation of the

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upon mental qualities and conditions, and not \\^o^\ the

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self with a sharp, rather painful jerk. Locomotion is in

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surroundings in many of the counties are far from what they should


in malarious regions must have observed that, cases of periodic

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In a period which occurred May 1, 1907, he became suddenly disturbed, inde-

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hold. This report is characterized by Dr. Ley den as pure

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Six other cases have been reported by American sur-

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least 0.0091). In this way it is readily established in

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donna — Boracic Acid — Colchicum — Colocynth —

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It may, to the casual observer, appear a remarkable coinci-

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of continuation of symptoms is increased by the duration of symptoms

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rating upon the fyftem along with the drug fl^.ould be moft ac-

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mous quantities of fluid, whose partial removal from many of the cavities

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Ann. de dermat. et syph., Par., 189;i, 3. s., iv, 731-730.—

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The Wassermann reaction in the blood serum was positive. In the spinal

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Etiology. — Predisposing Causes. — This uncommon affection attacks

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tarily, and bed-sores form, while the intelligence becomes moie and

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simple contraction of the cervical -canal, or to such contraction compli-

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Iewin, Fairfax, Surgeon. Detailed as chairman of board to

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4. A fine tremor is .typical, and is well seen in the arms

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upon home industry ; compels us to import millions of dollars worth of

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terms. These resolutions that have already been read in their body use words with regard

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disease is on the increase, while other filth diseases are

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represented by two Protestant clergymen and the head of the

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Dbar Sir,— As I have read a good deal of ** Maternal Im-

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would then prove a cavse of hemorrhage. (Italics mine.) The body band-

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densed extracts will show his views upon the subject. His description

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e knows outbreaks of typhoid fever and of disorders of the bowels

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ology present facts that favor this view. For example,

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facility is less likely. Most of the nursing home residents

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the stimulus of impregnation not being applied." — p. 16.

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berculosis. Epilepsy practically always comes on in

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food. The tongue is broad, rounded anteriorly, and bears the

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Stricture three ctni. long. No bad results followed, and

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The phenomena of man are complicated and restricted, and depend for their existence and