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breast. Rags or lint are unnecessaiy and injurious.

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Twentieth Annual Meeting^ held in Baltimore on Tuesday,

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all infected. A second scrub with hot water and soap between the use

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anaesthetic, and if I had to have another operation I should

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agent in such a way as commends itself to his conscience, reason and

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that one of our London contemporaries which has already

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of that day's celebration amounts at the present time to 227.

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•of tlie disease ? One man witli a pneumonia will get rapidly

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course the symptoms go to gangrene, usually moist gangrene

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a dose of castor oil or salts. Take 10 grains of aspirin and repeat

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thrown some light on this subject. Our experience tallies with

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the fullest distention of the mouth. After this has

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finger and bring them up even with the head, then pull legs and

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will give our readers an idea of the influence against

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mortem examination disclosed occlusion of the mesen-

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cordance with the classical method of Pasteur. These procedures are

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College of Physicians and of the Obstetrical Society of Dublin; Bon.

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"fiddling" Mayor — for fiddling with the Board of Health and

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different hours (Gerhardt, by the way, at eight in the

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The left testicle, which is fully developed, occupies the whole

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a walnut. He knew not what had occasioned it; and as it

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already been mentioned. They were made on a smaller

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it ; v/ith Supplement. By Don A. Hernandez y Guasco. Pamphlet.

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abundance of rennet which changes the milk into a soft curd.