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tainly not inflammatory, but oue of transformation and death,
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cedure is to determine its size and position by distending it with air A or
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wroth, and said : 'Would you take from me my gold?' "
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marked change in the appearance of my patient ; her stomach
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portion. The best treatment for this condition is tannin and glycerine,
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dined together on Sunday, June 17th, at Pauillac, and
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Rhinooaul (rai^no-edl). [Gr. /&/c nose -f- kov?^
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however, no evidence of improvement follows in the severe case
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the tibia was circumcised on three sides of the quadri-
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lotion rapidly relieves inflaramationaround blisters,
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bacillus has long been known— its socalled symbiotic
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solid orrjanie impurities, such as hairs, scales, and vegetable and
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a Chamberland tilter it is possible to separate the agglutinins from the bac-
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many cases, it became necessary to remove the uterus rather than
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and a relatively larger number of those of short wave-
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on the end of which there is a reducer which fits either on to
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inform you of the necessary particulars. It is always your duty to dis-
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Cincinnati Academy of Medicine. — ^The regular meeting
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Ije taken for a guide in the choice of the medication most appropriate to a fever
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the maximum of good with the minimum of harm. There
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mind. VerlynneV Volin, MD, is a legend in South Dakota
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animals had been kept alive one or two years, can be deter-
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coccidiosis, which gave rise to appearances very similar to adeno-
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remained in the ward, these temperatures are lower than they would be at
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made generally known to the medical world, I will transmit your