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further experience of this m«>de of treatment continues so fat<
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tuation and no evidence of any suppurative process at the present
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Volkmann's cases were treated no less than 5 years and some as long as 15 ; now
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layers of muscles which are affected by arm movements
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residency in surgery at Northern Permanitti Foundation,
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backache, a feeling of fulness in 'nfe ifedtnm as^f it Wolild prolrtrdfe i
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was removed, great care being taken to prevent its touching sur-
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The subcutaneous method is very painful and is frequently
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meatus, burrow backwards in the soft tissues behind the auricle,
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ment. He prefers the street current with a rheostat,
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swellings will be seen on the free extremities of some of
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of the Board of Trustees of the Toronto General Hospital, I
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btited to the treatment directed merely to the bowels, as the dis-
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Moore, F. D.: The use of isotopes in surgical research,
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the exocardial murmur, the sure evidence of solid matter rub-
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If the inflamed nerve contain motor fibres, the pain is accompanied by
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duction of a scab. It need scarcely perhaps be said that gnats generally
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it is elsewhere stated (Oppert), that ' the worst wards are those where least air and
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myxoedema was made, also of phthisis, as the sputa contained
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The liability to recurrence of apoplexy dependent on cerebral hemor-
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fection has never taken ])lace, even though the cases were
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Golgi considered them as types associated with the life-cycle of
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and brought down, and a living male child extracted with facility. The pla-
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doubtedly a good remedy, but not equivalent to others
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The lymphatic and venous systems are undoubtedly stimu-
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memory is for us a blessing and an inspiration. It can
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alone was followed by illness — was placed while hot,
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more refined diagnostic procedure. Large quantities of blood are found in car-
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A sharp rebound of temperature quickly following crisis may be fol-
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general. They had taken a long time to get out of the routine
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crisis in the fever, 5. duttoni in the spleen and bone-marrow becomes
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air which he has infected, and thus he always receives some of
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If, however, the cases due to injury be excluded, we find that it occurs
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may apply them. This is self-evident and needs no discussion
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patient is generally aware of this dull cerebral reflex, and
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weeks before she consulted me, and had been leading a very
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perityphlitic abscess. I learned to day that the pa-
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instances showed hemaglobinuria, but I was unable to
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ercised in their clothes ; but since they must be exposed to
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them. Dr. Denham had referred to the crotchet. He had mentioned
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ficient dose death. Various substances antagonize the