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Anaesthesia by Suggestion. — Dr. Pitres relates in

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Fig. 12. Section of the guinea-pig's omentum containing a small artery.

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them. In the middle are figures of Theophrastus and Dioscorides, one

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occasion of the heart's dilatation. Thc impediment may be-

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particularly, and maintained that it did not do so. He had come

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of an animal affected with pleuro-pneumonia does not transmit

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Careful attention to these directions will be productive

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Of these two causes the superficial reflux is nowadays well

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as possible. If symptoms follow from loss of thyroid functioning, thyroid

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Travis, Catherine Hutchison Johns Hopkins, '03 New Britain.

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ent time the mother who nurses her child is exceptional.

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tions, and has done something toward discriminating the cases,

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decidedly better; physical condition, color, bodily strength,

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be supported ; and she was as helpless as if she had

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still increased to over 18 grams. The administration of beef juice

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state, but weaker. Breathing more difficult and unsatisfactory,

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they could be used as substitutes for corn meal in pig feeding. In

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vealed extreme parenchymatous iieiiritisof the cutaneous nerves

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increased spinal excitability, without lesion, the spasms would