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Nor must I omit that the British Medical Journal figures

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disappeared ; there was no cardiac murmur, and the patient appeared

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system, and to this we give the name of epidemic influence or

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The condylomata of the anus and their treatment are

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in reality bony, but fibrous. He did not thinl? we were

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meeting of the k. k. Gesellsch. der Aerzte in Wien,

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Bacteriological Examination. — I shall give a resume of the bacteriological examina-

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It has been shown in numerous clinical and pathological works

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had been actually witnessed by those who objected ; and, in-

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used it with a degree of success far greater than any other purgative. It

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System, Boston Disj^ensary. Philadelphia: H. C. Lea. Pp. 186.

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not occurred. Here, also, it seems to produce deleterious effects, although

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special class of cases commonly called un- eases, starvation, loss of blood, rickets,

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the last three months, not a little aided by industrious inoculation.

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alternate stages of mental depression and mental exaltation. Mama

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colour, and to be free from smell or taste of any kind. But more than this, if a

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The sun and the air were considered of the greatest

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instance described above, and illustrated in the dia-

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somewhat in detail." A man of forty-five suffered in

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author are perhaps traces of degenerated follicles. The same experi-

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drawn from them are so evidently pre-formed that they

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lymph is still preferred by some, in which case "arm-to-arm" vaccination is

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first to live and the last to die. The proofs of its continued action, however

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persistent, though the atmospheric conditions were very

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fever. Diss. memb. Roy. M. Soc, Ediub., 1892, 268-279.—

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matter as 1 is to S ; and the results are controlled by the examination of

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near the tip. A young lady of twenty-four years had suffered for six

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boiling water, to be breathed by means of an ordinary inhaler.

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bohydrate, .5 calories, protein 1.5 c:dories. fat .2