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that this fpecies of animals, though known, and even
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College at Seoul. Korea, is back in Toi-outo on a \isit. i)i-. Avison
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colder countries than their own, even though they are suckled by their
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the key to the correct understanding of the antenatal physiological processes
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for the tuberculous. This is prepared in the steppes of the Kirghiz, in
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greatest of America's societies, the American Association for the Advancement
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countries. The disease, therefore, is not hereditary, as was concluded at one
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epid. inter Hungar. ann. 171 2.) The winter had been
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Any graduate desirous of admission to the degree of Doctor of
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cafe excepted, it is ufed only as a prefervative once
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due to direct exposure to infection. Of such a nature is the tonsillitis
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mentioned ; and if it is fixed in the cystic duct, not even jaundice results ;
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them is too great, efpecially at the lower part, they
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of the epididymis, although some authorities hold that the disease most
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added liquid, prevents the recovery from the condition. Massage, both
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the same is true for osteo-arthritis. Many patients who have
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eleven pence, for a fwine eight pence, and ior a man one pound.
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Artificial human milk may also be obtained as a commercial article, and
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bleeding, glyfters, and a cooling diet, fhould be or-
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backs, and to "eat their very fkin and fat, without
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Diagnosis and prognosis. — The differential diagnosis of rheu-
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long-lasting jaundice ; and often, too, this follows when it is fixed in the
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(/aiitain D. E. Staunton Wishart, M.B.. son of Dr. D. J. Gibh-
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tind ; others confluent and of an eliptical ftiape.
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'of common ftrong vinegar. The ftrongeft is the beft.
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from their feeding on diftempered corn, or diftempered gjafs,
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appendix are variable, and some unusual clinical features in the peritonitis,
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venes, indicating, along with deepening of the jaundice, that the patient is
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the gall bladder, which induces the formation of the stone. This is a more
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such cutaneous inoculations as anatomical tubercle, warty tuberculosis,
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tors partially closes the glottis, inspiration is accompanied by a crowing
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arthritis, and as the treatment of these diseases is so different it is
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Altliouoh many organisms might have lieon used in this work,
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more than four months after the first symptom appeared, and that the
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'* not yield like thofe of England ; owing to our cold fprings
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In the mjonth of May following, they fliould not on-
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coarfer herbage. Hence it is, that, after fonie years,