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of the University of Chicago. They must have fulfilled the requirements for admission

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Some of the results of this undertaking will be considered in this paper.

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case'b, after five or six days patients are usually able to be out of doors.

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dent that I saved one doctor's life by the narcotizing

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temperature of the patient is, for example, 107°, when it has dropped to

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preceded him. To put his great discovery in right jier-

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is therefore impoi-tant to establish the sequence and logical order of these ana-

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nation" during the first stage, the object being to learn whether

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are but few acceptable who do not already belong to the Society —

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to the first impression without consideration of any but immediate

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stances illustrating apparent antagonisms between, and

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phrey was felt to the teaching of biology, physiology, and

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of ttxe eircnlation, and quicUy by derangement of all the

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Official List of Changes in tlie Stations and Duties oj

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tures corresponds exactly with the disease under consideration;

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twelfth day. If life is prolonged beyond the latter date, recovery is the

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was swollen, inelastic, hard, and with difficulty separated from the

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tive paper; also for the interesting specimens exhib-

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" etiaighi dncts," the stndffht tabes of the nrinif-

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from diseases of the spinal cord after irritation caused by

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moral treatment, in the second equal, and in convalescence the

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carry on respiration, and accumulations in the bronchial tubes ; or the

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of the most conspicuous actors of the world, would seem

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and its extreme variations are but l" or 5^, forming the tierras

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shining. Four of them were about the size of pigeons'-eggs,

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selves cure syphilis, but they have an incontestable influ-