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its passage through the pulmonary organs. If the agent m the blood

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called stercoraceous when attributable to the retention of feces ; but the

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9 P. M. Complains of fulness and boming in the throat, but

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Case 1. Miss C, aged 32, daughter of an eminent physician, while away

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great importance in view of the frequency of their occurrence and the

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heart point to the occurrence of a cardiac complication.

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observations, but by clinical facts. Now the early clinical history, in cases

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toms Avhich are highly distinctive. If a patient be seized with a chill, fol-

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with the plan of this work to enter into a discussion of it. In view of the

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culation, and states that the lungs are found after death to be notably free

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The undersigned have for several years been manufacturing a pure gluten for a

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alimentary canal, or in the iuA'Csting serous membrane, the peritoneum.

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of the inflammation. In cases in which the inflammation is slight or mode-

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As a whole, the work is one which cannot fail to be of great service to the practicing

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respect of duration and the appearances found after death, but as regards

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dropsy is dependent on cirrliosis, the liquid does not accumulate for weeks

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portant remedial agent yet known. It is the remedy for the

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coagulation, and that the lining membrane of the veins is not the one

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a large share of attention from philanthropists, statesmen, jurists,

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This shows that lymph remains to be absorbed, and it need occasion no

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of the reliance placed in " Vin Mariani " by the Medical

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doses being repeated at short intervals until vomiting is produced. In

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controversy respecting the two modes of confinement — the grega^

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some time overlooked. I suppose there are few physicians of much expe-

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simultaneously with, or during the progress of, pleuritis, and these asso-

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of a rule to solicit an evacuation at the same hour dail}^ The importance

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arises chiefly from spasm. If the constant obstruction — i. e.^ obstruction

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same doses. The diuresis becomes less active after the