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Because these implications are important for both physicians and hospital administrators in the East who
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pect to the development of an informational statement to
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muscles, the internal musculature being unaffected. The sphincter of the
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means of the stop-cock in the cannula. The quantity of
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he different stages of gestation, must be regarded as representing an average
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Dr. F. Parkes Weber : I would nevertheless suggest, in spite of Dr. Batty
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China M. Miss. J., Shanghai, 1894, viii, 177, 1 ch. —
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measures are available? Collapse of the affected part by artificial pneumo-
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as it relieves inflammation, — by dilating the small vessels else-
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the smoke of burning rosin, and exercise in a carriage. The
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said, is easily and often disturbed; and ascertain and learn to appre-
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them, in his ship's chest. In the village, where pre\^ously no scarla-
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the constitutional state, or any existing complication.
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would be under the truth, since the child would only know of such
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in the older alluvium of European valleys, I confidently expect."
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contain almost no muscular tissue. I the uyht it fiist
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mother to nurse a child when she is overheated or when greatly
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far preferable to a cold one. I repeat this procedure night and morning
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One variety consists of small, pointed, dry elevations or papules, each
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Ibe duties required of him ; he is sensible of kind and fair
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Child Development; June 15, Donald Schetman, M.D., Pre-Malignant and Malig-
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has attacked the descending colon or rectum. The extent of the
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slowing, and organic depression of the central nervous
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concise and permanent record of the inquiry. Our inquiry handlers
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little boy who had been knocked down by < this hospital. Within the twelve hours
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fected by the free use of chloride of lime, and after certain
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occur, pressure should be applied to the bleeding vessels.
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thought the diagnosis of the case was difficult. Dr. Irwin
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I propose. If this model of a laryngeal mirror were con-
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changes in the anterior cornua. The posterior roots only show irregular