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written on the 21si of the 12th month, (December) 1846, he remarks:

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the caustic should be applied beyond its margin as well as upon it.

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(hog-cholera bacillus) is a variant of B. suisspticus, and in his paper on fowl-cholera

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In his professional intercourse, Dr. Randolph was straight-for*

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The curve of the wound was horizontal until Feb. 6. Afterwards it descended regularly. The upper curve

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to three are an average cathartic. These pills for-

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guinea pigs, is now being studied further with results to be reported

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portion to the time occupied, and the trouble incurred.

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tion was complete 4 minutes later; that is, 22 minutes after drawing

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These examples serve to illustrate not only the large amount of

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life and in young children. It is more common in males than in females.

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the tissues of the body are invaded by a jelly-like, mucus-uelding dropsy.

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group. As a matter of fact both these conceptions are more or less

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have been of frequent occurrence. They run a milder course than the

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countries from whence they come. Not only have the energies of

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in the carotids as in anosmia, but the venous hum in the neck, though not

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in cold storage is a question of biological interest as well as of prac-

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the lotion is applied. After a week the lotion was discontinued.

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ocean that rocks itself to rest The commotions in the body grad-

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pain becoming more intense at night. The patient usually lies with his

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lymphocytes of the blood stream and lymphatic organs, dov* not •< < m

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riding a hobby, for they will make it ten-fold the hobby of all their

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ishing amounts of 12 hour ascitic bouillon cultures were added to

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time and place; and the various stages of different cells may sometimes

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at onr annual meetings, we should fill them to overflowing

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he has, in consequence, forfeited his Fellowship with the College.

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and shows some improvement within 2 weeks. If these results are