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ramifications. Sitnilar clots blocked up the P«J"ronary v^in

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suffering and disturbance of function for months and even years, is capable of

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amino groups of globin. 2 The use of HbA, levels as a mea-

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the military machine, but as possible carriers they constituted an actual

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tion) it must be admitted that scarlet fever, at least of a mild

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through the nose. The pulse 105 and much fuller. No ap-

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osteitis deformans ; their case gives a total of 67 reported

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develop gradually, while in some cases the condition may persist for a long

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The constitutional effects (vertigo, nausea, etc.), were

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jions of phlegmatic temperament and of mild disposition, and when the

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Dujardix-Beaumetz. De la myelitis aigue, Paris, 1872, pp. 100, 113. — 13. Ebstein.

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gina does not appear to me admissible, because in both

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means of delicate curved bistouries had failed, the trachea

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inflammatory changes has not been accurately determined. I see no

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causing involuntary stools and incontinence of urine. As already men-

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patients, and afterwards corked up in hot- ■ 6. It would tend greatly to insure the ac-

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though these responses are entirely involuntary, depending as they do

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tion. In this respect the gastric mucous membrane differs from mucous

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A glass which admits air by very fine holes, but produces no draught,

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came out. It filled up, and was again tapped. The patient

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we could determine the precise seat and nature of the alteration ; it was

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acter, greenish particles, and all the characteristics of a

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The book is an American imprint ;. the type is large and clear, and tUe

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grim despair he came stealthily and opened the bosom of my shirt several times

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the base slowly crystallized as cream-colored rhombs and prisms. By

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We know that it is flat on percussion already ; we know that it is

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beautiful to observe, how cautiously and how securely the pro-

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quotes. The vessels spoken of above struck the track

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sounds grow more and more indistinct. Hemic murmurs may be audible.

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fixation, retraction of the head, tenderness on pressure along the spine, tremors