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no evidences. The lately endowed homeopathic college at Chicago, with its

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"Austin, A. E., The Uricolytic Enzyme in Animal Organs, Jour, of Med.

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164 lb. to 130 lb. in thick clothes. My appetite was always good,

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My own experience, for many years, of its medicinal powers, goes to

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A glioma is a neoplasm found in connection with nerve tissues. It

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fore, this may need only to be referred to in the dental plan.

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in these organs, become permanent pathologic lesions,

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" If the peculiar variety of pneumonia now under consideration,

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sult of obstruction in the duct. This was most prob-

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sertion that the intracapsular fracture was incapable of bony repair, is

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urgent symptoms caused by pyloric stenosis. In one case

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gastric juice rich in hydrochloric acid and pepsin, even though

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so exquisitely delicate, as to be able to distinguish colours by the

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rance, or vices, of unskilful or unworthy physicians." Notes R. S., 2d ed., vol.

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$10.00 per column inch for first insertion, $8.00 per column inch for succeeding insertions of same ad up to one year.

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may be diminished or absent if the exudate extends into the middle-sized

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intestinal obstruction, the gallbladder symptoms being com-

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and operated upon at once for general peritonitis following

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Surgery Staff/Clinical Case Conference, alternating Tuesdays, 7:00 a.m., UAMS Education Building, Room G/141 /

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away from long continued traction and intra-abdominal

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ing two ligaments which are called the right and left lateral

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Pathogeny. — Although chemical poisons, such as turpentine, croton

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