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There is, however, another objection to either of the terms endarte-
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ials> will commence in the following order : —
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tural desires — and substitutes melancholy for the
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most general relief. The drugs were employed in the dosage of
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the resident's time is too occupied with surgical dressings and operations
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Mwlicale. (iillel : I'onmiljiirc d'IIy^i(»ne Inlantiit! Iiidividucllc.
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of free-textbooks, might result in more towns trying the
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m^d. et chir., Par., 1898, xi, 57-03.— Pergens (E.)' Eiu
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Following the above descriptions, I will give a recipe of the Kittrege
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place it by certain manoeuvres, leaving the animal to run about as if
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Hoffmann's aether and spiritus ammonia} should always be
the size of the swelling. On examination there was no
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ticular, that there has never been evidence of an or-
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or any rich sauce. The craving which many patients with a chronic
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vastating results of the brain lesion. Such a diseased
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frequent occurrence ; which is always attended with disagreeable
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pruritus is productive of eruptions. They ought to have included
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times with our patient's deglutition, and no doubt always furms a great obstacle
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Dr. John A. VVyeth presented a patient with the fol-
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the mandibular angles, lifting the occluding jaw and
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cation for the cure of these disorders is to replace this organ,
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Walfred William Swanson, S.M., M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics.
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Pathology of Migraine. M. Siiile. — A careful study of
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cases. The affections in which he has found it useful are cardiac, renal, and
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entire subject. It is upon the results of these studies, made from
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the touch ; there was intense photophobia, well-marked
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sion of 1899-1900 there were 6,648 students in attend-
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