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natural improvement, as a result of treatment, is greatly encouraged
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not exclusively brachycephalic nor exclusively dolichocephalic,
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1892, to January 6, 1893. During the course of the i noted in one case, the patient having had rheumatic
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764,681. Surgeon's Operating Table, S. G. Scanlan, Chicago, III,
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The following case exhibits bradycardia and arrhyth-
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ence of any school with this precise title we have no know-
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around which a stone may form, although this is almost exclusively
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124. PocGi, Alfonso.— Physical Dilatation of the Pylo-
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of a grain of phosphorus daily. The urine was examined
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Mangin mirror, as stated, serves to project the beam in
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ever, had, no doubt, been for a long time slowly getting less elastic
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per abdomen. The greater half of the polyp was fibrinous.
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that the suprapubic method offers better opportunities for the application
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Three insomnia patients selected for difficulty falling asleep were
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vessels as the explanation of the characters of the urine, and
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and its subsequent contraction bring about an atrophic degeneration.
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Dr. Giles, of London, said he had no faith in drugs
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