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sponging, or gradually cooled baths. The effect of quinine is to reduce
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certain instances it is necessary to wait. No man may be able to make a
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or the ureter to such an extent as to bring about a congestion,
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The duties of the Officers shall be such as usually
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cases in every dysentery epidemic (Shiga, Kruse, Kottgen, Wolfberg and
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below 104° F. throughout the attack. The classical description of the fever
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seen on the hands. Some patieijts ill with scarlet fever do not desquamate
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typhoid fever patients to have anything to do with the food-supply of other
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does not seem to receive any direct support from this work."
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leave synechiae, retinal congestion, and optic neuritis. Optic atrophy may
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thirty (30) deaths. In order to increase the number and get
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more exact, a diminished amount of bleeding into the alveoli of the upper
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favor of influenza and the bronchial symptoms with it are perhaps more
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nitrogen of the food was retained. The increased outgo of nitrogen in the
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placing the child on his back and lowering the head so that the pharynx is
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normal, the presence of a few hyaline casts has no serious
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yields more readily than in typhoid fever. In severe cases with threatened
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encountering a case of purely basic meningitis posterior in type in which the
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cinated as in those who have not. In Bancroft's 12 cases recent vaccination
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is not unlike that which exists when vaccine is inoculated on successive days.
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which in certain cases with marked toxaemia are of undoubted utility, but the
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depends more on toxicity, — i.e., the production of diffusible, absorbable
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during convalescence, as the French put it "mort gueri." The food should be
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mation of one or both kidneys, and is to be regarded as
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small ice-pond into which he w^aded. He was found after a few minutes,
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Treatment. — This is both hygienic and medical. The hygienic treatment
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does mean a grave prognosis. In the non -fatal cases there was usually a
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agencies are factors in the production of albuminuria which
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The Course. — The duration of the disease is four to eight days in the
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medium-sized hyaline cast ; a few days afterwards another urine
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blood. Muir found a general diminution in cells, which was compensated
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may often be felt. Diarrhoea or constipation may be present or alternate.
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the brain. The latter method has been practiced consider-
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motor disturbances in the circulation," which, carried beyond
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others suppuration or gangrene occurs. Early incision is advisable if there
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of six months and two years, or earlier in case of danger. Children should
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scalp. His haste to get his policy was natural, but he did not
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time of the blood being taken in every patient, and if it be prolonged, calcium
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strike the majority of those exposed to it as smallpox or measles in an
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