Benemid Nursing Considerations

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There are three objections which I have always been in the
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fees during the financial year 18i:»l-2 was over £15,600. This is a
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Health Hints for Central Africa. By Horace Waller. London : John
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Sequzira, James Harry, M.D.Lond., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.. appointed As-
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tiverpool, Salford, Oldham, and Sunderland. Of the lo;i fatal eases of
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the feeling that they have done all that can be expected of
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autlior on the thoroughness with which he has fulfilled liis
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autlior on the thoroughness with which he has fulfilled liis
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parish of St. Luke, Middlesex) "to produce one vesicle by
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man. taking a philosophic view of the situation, thought he
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serious questions now before the L^niversity in cormection
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by means of a stick and a portion of the cervix ensnared and
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arranged, at the same time, that upon application made to the
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filled only the right side, was smooth, and apparently con-
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closet and urinal for tlie orchestra ; tlie water supply to the
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cent, of the unvaccinated ; but of these age periods, the decen-
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Professor STBtfiHERS showed several specimens of Patent
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a quiescent peri id, in 1877, in a paper read before the Royal
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The President added that though he had made four thou-
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has resigned his commission, which was dated May 24th, 1884, he having
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and scarlatina in the cow are not sulHciently understood to
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who disregard their maternal responsibilities in order to sup-
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compress, the artificial leech, and the administration of a
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of the preceding two quarters, had fui thcr declined to l.vt3>; at the end of
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have seen reason for these changes ; and as the conversion of
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person not a registered practitioner as his assistant, partner
benemid nursing considerations
the Museum of the College of Surgeons, was taken. The
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tensive to prevent him rcadinc or wi itine without bringing tlie book very
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rary Secretary and Editor, for their large share in this good
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principles be arrived at we trust that universal publicity of
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inquiry with regard to the number and condition of feeble-
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Any qualified medical practitioner, not disqualified by any
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repeated hourly, and cognac \ oz. in milk was given at inter-
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with more certainty than the time of the closure of the aortic
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Paget, S.aiford; Dr. C. W. Philpot, Croydon; G. K. Pitcairn, M.S.,,
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Commissioners, have remained untainted, with one, or perhaps two,
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cardiac irregularity, is common with plucky second-raters,
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were not due to the renal strangulation, but were to be asso-
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would not be allowed to attend unless cured or so dressed as
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