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the consequences may be very serious. Hot vapors are particularly ob-

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herself. This defence, however, was shown to be inconsistent with the medical

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gress of Surgeons at their last meeting, wherein he

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Ber. ii. d. Versamml. d. ophth. Ge.sellsch., Stuttg., 1885,

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tent fever and malaria, the waters of the Massanetu

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Hirsch J has seen Koplik 's spots in every one of some 40 or 50

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be relied upon, to the exclusion of opium, in those cases only in vhidi,

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whoopiug-cough 26, cerebro-spinal meningitis 2.i, erysipelas 21,

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eigners, who must be elected by the unanimous vote of

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of stone or wood, should be removed. When the wound is an open one, the

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Drainage in Pelvic Surgery," by Dr. Lewis S. McMurtry,

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food, the quality of the water, and the more or less intimate contact into which

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led me to adopt a different plan in the preparation of antitoxine serum from

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Many other apparently terminal nerve organs exhibit the

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this factor, such as epilepsy, migraine, asthma, cardiac or renal dysfunction,

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sajptum must be broken down and the pus evacuated. In

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Larynx seems dry and irritated, and the child makes per-

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lobe, c caudate lobe, s Spigelian lobe, «7 gall-bladder.

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February 24. The patient 's general condition had still further improved

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In mid- 1987 the test was once again made available but

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broths, and nourifiiing drinks of every kind. In this ftage, te-

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Society by that name, so odious to Jerseymen, and they have attempt-

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an indirect transmission of the disease. While vaccination very