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The plaster of Paris jacket when suitably used affords marked

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On microscopic examination the individual fibres are seen to have

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seen in a study of the tubules. Side by side may be seen tubules of normal

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sugar. The J' often suffer with vague nervous symptoms, are afflicted

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present, a miscarriage is most likely to take place. An attempt

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body, as the result of disease or injury, more or less poison material

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an average, 100 gm. bread and loO gm. potatoes. The patients soon

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As a consequence of these facts it is possible to explain the fluc-

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This is a square room, thirty-six feet by thirty-six,

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containing iron and strychnia work well in a large majority of cases.

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use water but sparingly and unwillingly, frequently only when mixed

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cold in this direction. It is apparently not so much cold alone as prolonged

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working dial)etic and tlie working healthy man there is in this re-

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ninety-six in length. The first floor contains the main

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marked these symptoms. Pain is tlie evidence of inflammation of the

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of the Cornea; 2, Corneal Opacities; 3, Staphyloma.

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opium. Milk and eggs are serviceable and soothing. The symptoms

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versely across the chest toward both hj'pochondria. Especially char-

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veloped tlie fact tliat the patient belonged to a gouty family, and that

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hemorrhage into the abdominal cavity. It is often the result of the

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of sugar and one- half of a compressed yeast cake dissolved in warm

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by the liver, carbonic acid gas escapes and other waste products pass

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We know that a grown man, taking moderate exercise, consumes

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of its grounds at Fifty-ninth street, the neighboring

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ought to be large, well ventilated and admit abundant sunlight.

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It is necessary to study the causes of diseases, in order to learn

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Polypi. — A polypus within the rectum should be treated the same

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body continually upon the feet. Sometimes they become very pain-

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this substance. The presence of the acid is rendered probable ;

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suppositories may be used instead as the following :

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tigue and unusual lassitude, but in general this jjeriod lasts only

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bath-places suitable for these patients, and Woodhall Spa in Lincoln-