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followed by fatal peritonitis. If punctured, the same precsulions ai

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Blackwell's Island. This gave him a fine field for work.

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baldness which afflicts so many patients, women especially, is not really a seri-


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leave it for the present, and begin with something less likely to

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circumstantial evidence exists in support of the doc-

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pleted lias not received the attention its importance merits.

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a blank section in our reports to be written in the years to come.

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James II was at Salisbury, 1688, his nose bled near

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filled with morbid secretions, and hence the need for an occasional

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of these growths and the value of the proctoscope in their

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liable to fail in special cases of peculiar idiosyncrasy

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which was healthy and full-grown, fell upon the floor, and the cord ™* broken

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examination first socially by a trained field worker who visits the home

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many years to come, as such indefatigable workers as Dr. Deaver are seldom

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the striped muscles of an infected hog may contain from thirteen

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clined, however, to look upon the affection as of a

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thelial cells, mononuclear leukocytes, casts, bacteria, bits of renal tissue,

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matter of impossibility, while Leyden, who believes